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Dr Edgar Linsangan Gonzales, D.M.D.

Bodybuilder, authority in supplemental health foods and alternative nutritional therapies, Doctor of Dentistry, photographer, husband and father, Edgar Linsangan Gonzales is the founder and manager of ELG Nutrition.

Dr Gonzales was born in the Philippines, and was trained in dentistry at the University of the East at Manila, and graduated from Unciano College.  Following his graduation from dentistry school, he practised dentistry in the Philippine Armed Forces at Fort Aguinaldo, Manila.  Having served with the Philippine Armed Forces, Dr Gonzales had a private practice in Dubai for ten years, serving both the local population and the international community in the Emirate.

Later, Dr Gonzales immigrated to Canada, where he has spent most of his professional life studying nutritional supplementation and alternative natural therapies, and has become a well-known figure and authority in the natural health, fitness and bodybuilding communities.

Dr Gonzales lives in Vancouver with his wife, Cecilia, and has recently developed his own nutritional supplementation supply service, and is available for consultation and advice in matters relating to alternative health therapies, bodybuilding nutritional supplementation, and related personal health and fitness goals.  

Below are the pictures taken when he joined Bodybuilding Contest in British Columbia Canada.